Our vision to produce pure natural honey


Bee keeping is practised on specific lines and heavily extracted with art billing bees

and gubs are destroying thew combs.Bees are accomidated in artificial leaves where

they live comfortably with in easy reach of the bee keeper for examination and

extraction of surplus lovely, after keeping of sufficient lovely in the combs forthe bees.

Beekeeping is an essential activity, which is predominent duroing the months from

March- May .For Beekeeping, Italian Bees are mostly available everywhere in

Bihar, chennai etc where apis India less used in comparision with italian Bees.  



We  are  the  producer  of   pure  natural  honey  with   zsero   pesticides maintaining HMF 0.5%-0.8%. and highly concentrating on the quality to value the health & wealth of end users.

On survey we found that market is empty for pure natural honey so we are  keeping  in  view  the  health  wealth  of  end users committed to maintain natural properties of honey in the market.

Measures of quality control to get natural honey:-

· Extracting  by  advanced  stainless  steel  machines  to  maintained the purity of  natural honey from honey comb.

· Quality certification by chemist before sealing the jar at collection point in the   field.

· Only edible jar is used to avoid chemical, biological and other impurities

·  Own transportation is used from collection point to factory point

·  Quality check by own chemist at factory gate to maintain the quality standard



Measures of quality control during processing:-

·  Preheating: The raw  honey  is to  be heated first at 40-450 (Approx) for 30 mins.  With constant stirring to  make homogeneous honey, stirring at rate of 50 rpm.

·  Filtration:  Preheated  honey  at 40-450C  (Approx) is filtered through 80-100 mesh  (40-45 micron)  so  as  to  separate  solid  wax  particles,  pollen  grains and   other   physical    impurities.  Pressure  should  not  exceed  1.5  kg/cm2 during  filtration  other  wise there is chance of mixing  air with honey. That is churning like.

·  Processing of Honey: Our plant is designed in such a way that nowhere the honey is heated more than  630 to 650C for10  mins to 12 mins.  Due  to very short time  heating  the HMF  (Hydro Mithyal Perfural) doesnot change more than  0.5% to 0.8%. then honey is  taken into cooling or settling tank to maintain at 25-300C